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By Noxolo Kapela posted February, 2017

Let your nomadic soul lead you!

“I am no travel expert. However, with my valuable travel experience, knowledge and continuous learning my aim is to inspire, influence and encourage people to travel more and expand their horizon beyond limitations; like I am doing”.

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Grahamstown Arts Festival 1st timers guide
Disclaimer: Pictures used belongs to the Grahamstown Art festival

This country and rest of the world is filled with places to travel and experience. Take this journey with me as we will be sharing on this blog our travel experiences through the years and times to come. Black Case Girl pickup that case and lets navigate the world together.

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Note: Though I may not get to respond to all your questions immediately, I will try to respond to every question within 48 hours unless I am in areas where I cannot connect. I would therefore like to urge you to please be patient. This platform was created to assist you with all your travels and that is exactly what I aspire to do.
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