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Blouberg Strand

I have been to Cape Town many times before and have never explored the Bloubergstrand area. One morning while rushing for a meeting in Koeberg my navigator sent me to R27 towards Melkbostrand. I could not believe that I had not visited such a nice side of Cape Town. I fell in love with the see side. The plan was to stop for a little walk after the meeting but on my way back I was pressed for time to go back to the hotel then catch my flight back home.

Fortunately, I had to travel back to Cape Town the same weekend, the first thing I did was go to The Eden on the bay for some nice view, admire the sea, Table Mountain(though it was all covered up) and Robben Island at a distance. Though the weather was not that good I managed to capture a few shots and that urge was slightly quenched. Little did I know that that was only the beginning, the Bloubergstrand golden mile is so breath-taking and exciting.

I cannot find the correct words to explain it but when I saw it, it felt exactly the same way I felt as I was travelling along the R27. It is inviting and I bet there is a lot one need to dig out of that area. My destination for my next Cape Town stay until I feel satisfied that I have thoroughly explored the Blouberg area.

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