My First international travel

I have always wanted to conquer South Africa, Africa then the world but with all these gorgeous marvels in the world calling my name it’s very difficult to follow that order. The urge to be amazed is bigger than me, the feeling of sitting back and looking at the pictures that you have captured that only you have is so irresistible. The only country I have been outside of South Africa is Swaziland that we visited in February 2016. I must admit I was caught off guard, not that I had pictured it in a certain way but what I discovered is nothing like I had imagined. Though we did not do much of sightseeing, we moved around a lot visiting different towns but to me they all can be described the same, small, laid back and a project waiting to happen for architects.

I knew Swaziland was far smaller than South Africa but what I did not know was that it was mostly rural. It reminded me of some parts of my home province, the Eastern Cape. Though the capital of Swaziland is small with no intriguing architectural work but the country boasts a few great accommodation establishments (hotels) and a few tourist attractions like Pilgrims Rest, (annual festival) and prestigious events like The Queen’s Plate and the reed dance that sees the country welcoming scores of visitors. I need to go back for some sightseeing.....hopefully soon.

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