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My Journey My Story

Travelling and discovering the world has always been my desire. I never enjoyed staying in one place for a number of months, and as soon as I realised how that can be avoided I have never looked back. It became my ‘thing’, no matter how tight my budget was I always found a way to get myself to the next destination. At times it meant doing little or no sightseeing at all but just being in a different space, for me that was enough. This longing for travelling grew stronger with time. In most occasions I travelled for entertainment (festivals and music concerts) or birthday weekends away with friends. In my life journey I was lucky to have crossed paths with people that shared the same love for travelling, they inspire me everyday. Each time someone mentions their next trip, I instantly feel envious (bordering jealousy)....I ALWAYS want to go with them.

Growing up I was always doing something somewhere, which did not sit well with my Mother because she could not understand why I could not just stay at home. Coming from a big family it did not make sense, I always wanted to meet new people (which was very strange, being the introvert that I am). I always wanted to be where everyone else was. I also believe that my love for travelling was intensified when I studied Travel and Tourism for a year at what is now known as Buffalo City College. As soon as I heard about the beautiful places in the world, like Venice, Greece, Italy, Paris and the likes I immediately saw myself there. I remember when we were given an assignment to create a tour of 7 countries/ cities, by default I put all 7 of them on my bucket list. Thankfully for my birthday next year that is what I will be doing.

It might have taken me a lot of time to realise that travelling and sharing my experience is what I was meant to be doing but it finally is happening. As of 15 October 2016, that is all I have been thinking about. All this was awaken by an article ( inside the new BLACK travel movement) I read from the May 2015 issue of Marie Claire magazine which I came across accidentally.

 While visiting a salon the previous day, I saw some fashion items that I felt were incredible and I need to have them made for me. Upon browsing the magazine again on Saturday I came across this article that changed my life completely. A million ideas came rushing in my mind and I started my research there and then. While going through all this, one thing became very clear: ‘I needed to start taking my travelling serious and travel for a purpose’.

A new journey has begun, time to make my life worthwhile, live a purposeful life and enjoying every moment. Since I started with my research I have learned a whole lot of new things I didn’t know about travelling. I have not been this excited about something in the longest time. I cannot wait to conquer the world!

My mission now is to travel the world, thoroughly explore my country, my beloved continent ‘Africa’ and the world; but it does not end there. I want to create a movement, I want to see to it that people of South Africa, especially Black South Africans realize that travelling is not for a certain type of people; but for all of us. I will only know that I have done my job when Black families start making travelling one of their annual activities.

My purpose is to influence as many black people as possible to save, travel and do it as often as possible because it can be done. Through my blog I want to show people that anyone can travel regardless of their background, race and financial standing. I am not wealthy and do not come from any wealthy family, all these beautiful places I have visited and those I am still planning to visit, all the beautiful hotels I have slept in can be experienced by anyone. All we need to do is “Navigate Together”